FDEX is...

Distribution of wealth

In the process of fashion goods being produced and sold, various members are participating, which can be divided into designers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers who buy products. However, in this distribution process, not all participants are evenly compensated. If the designer's brand value is high, the designer gets the high-profit distribution, but in most cases, the distributor who has the consumer with the various channels and the purchasing power gets the most profit. That is, the participants who have the power to sell fashion goods earn a lot of profits. FDEX analyzes the elements of value creation and seeks to ensure that all participants of the process in a fair distribution of profits according to their roles.

Fair Profit for Participants


Recent trends in fashion goods, the diversification of consumers' preferences and the rapid change in trends and the rapid cost-cutting of cost-effective fashion brands show that this structure of power can change as the consumer demands. In other words, identifying what consumers want and quickly responding to them is more critical than merely securing a sales network. The prosumer can play a significant role in linking the demand for fashion goods to the sale, so it is highly possible to reorganize the structure of power related to fashion distribution.

Within the token economy in the FDEX platform, every member also acts as a prosumer and can participate in the process of creating the fashion product that the customer wants.

FDEX has a device in the token economy

that can trade designs and evaluate value before actual fashion goods are produced. 

In other words, other members become another member (investors), 

helping consumers grasp the fashion design they desire, 

and the participating members are distributed

according to the rules that are fairly agreed on the blockchain basis. 

Every member of the fashion distribution system plays a role as a prosumer

and contributes to quality improvement

and sales increase and receives reasonable compensation according to the contribution.

Fashion Ecosystem

Qfora built an innovative platform called FDEX. FDEX is an original fashion design platform that was devised after trying to find a way to restore the value inherent in design. The platform can determine the price of fashion design and trade design, heralding a new trend in the fashion market and fashion distribution industry.

In addition, FDEX is a system that equally distributes revenue to participating members, including designers, producers, distributors, and consumers. Analyze the factors that create value and distribute the revenue appropriate to their role in a fair way so that all participants involved in the production process of clothing are evenly compensated.

FDEX is a fashion design exchange that highlights the role of prosumer. As recent fashion trends are rapidly changing as consumers' tastes diversify, cost-effective brands are quickly introducing a system that can cut costs. This shows that consumer needs are moving the fashion market. In this trend, prosumer can play an important role in directly connecting demand for fashion products to sales.

That is to say, FDEX sheds new light on the role of key members of designers, investors, manufacturers, consumers and distributors. The organic interrelationships among all these key members will breathe pleasant breath that is containing unfamiliarity that has never been seen before in the fashion design world, which requires novelty and individuality.

FDEX is a new flow and fresh movement that actively escapes from this one-sided fashion product supply system, bringing together multiple simultaneous needs in one place and systematically assembling and arranging them. This creates a new field of communication about fashion design.

 In the future, FDEX will form a fashion ecosystem full of vitality, just as our hearts beat vigorously and our blood circulates. Just as blood reaches no matter how far away it is and circulates no matter how complicated the blood vessels are, FDEX will respond to the numerous fashion needs of future generations that favor customized consumption while actively reflecting various platforms and advanced technologies in line with the development of high-tech industries.


DESIA is the key currency of the FDEX platform, issued in ERC-20 units, and is commonly used in the Ethereum DApp among token economies.

Each member can trade DESIA through an external exchange, or invest in design IDO with this token. Also, when manufacturers participate in bids, raise distributors' operating costs, or produce fashion products through the FDEX ecosystem, all of which are driven by DESIA.

Within the economic system created by DESIA token on the platform FDEX, all members of the fashion distribution system can participate in the process of creating the fashion products customers want while acting as prosumer. Also, DESIA is reasonable reward for those who contribute to the FDEX ecosystem by contributing to quality improvement and sales growth.